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We love cartoons here at Primomo towers, we remember when we were kids waking up on a Saturday morning and running to the TV room, still in our PJ's, to see our favourite animated friends. And now we have a excuse to watch these cartoons all over again with our offspring. It is indeed one good reason to have children, to do childish things all over again. Something that hasn't changed since we were kids is the catchy earworm theme tunes of cartoons. The brilliantly crafted opening and closing credit sequences of these animated shorts leaves us humming the tune all day or belting out the lyrics as we watch. This game is intended to find the best of the best cartoon theme tune ever.

So which would it be? Chippendale rescue Rangers? Or Ducktails maybe? Do you remember when the Gummi bears were bouncing here and there and everywhere? Maybe Sailor Moon or Jem are more up your street? Maybe you're an old school kind of Guy or Gal, Flintstones, Scooby Doo, where are you!, or maybe you love that dramatic feel of Thundercats or M.A.S.K. Some cartoons crossover to the mainstream, such as The Simpsons or The Cleveland Show but which theme tune is top of the pops with you? Play Primomo and vote now.

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