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We love a dance here at Primomo and we are pretty crazy about crazes too, so it seemed only natural to write a new game all about dance crazes. Every few years in seems a new dance craze just takes the imagination of the entire world and everybody is moving their body, sometimes badly, to the latest thing. The song itself doesn't even have to be good, actually looking at this list, there is some real stinkers in there. That doesn't stop us when hanging with our friends or on our own, in front of the mirror, giving it a go. Dancing is fun, fact, try putting it into everyday life whenever you can. Try Twerking whilst pouring your coffee, Moonwalking to pick up the mail or doing The Running Man at the bus stop. Life will be more fun if we were Voguing, limboing or pulling off The Robot all the time.
Play this game and decide whether you prefer The Gangnam Style, The ketchup song, The Macarena or The locomotion the best. 
So Jump on it and cha-cha slide your way over here and Play Primomo.

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