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Hey gang, have you noticed how many beards there are about? I don't know when it all started, it's like I woke up one day and everyone around me had a beard. Beards are good and everything but have you really got the style, the panache and the stones to pull off an epic bit of facial hair? I'm talking about making a real statement here, cultivating your face hair into something that gets you noticed. I know I'm not man enough to pull off one of these amazing looks but here is a game with loads of people that can and do. One question, one question only, which one of these cool dudes has the best facial fuzz?

Let's break this down, which is the top look? Down the sides, Mutton Chops? Under the nose maybe? The Horseshoe, Pencil, Handlebar, Toothbrush or The Walrus? Take it on the chin? The soul patch. Like a bit of both? Oh yeah, The Goatee or The Zappa!
All fine facial hair styles in their own right but which one rocks your world the most?

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