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Okay, let's get it out the way straight off the bat we are fully aware that this list contains very few actual monkeys. We know that this shortlist is made up of mainly apes, chimpanzees and orangutans. But for the sake of brevity we have called it Best famous monkey. We felt calling this game, Who is the best famous ape, chimpanzee, orangutan or monkey? Would be a lot less snappy and a bit of a mouthful. 
Right, let's get down to our contenders; weighing in at a lot of pounds, is our biggest famous monkey King Kong from the film King Kong, this colossal ape is getting on a bit now having made his first appearance in 1933. His name sake Donkey Kong is a bit more recent having first appeared in the Nintendo arcade game in 1981, this is the first time we met Mario. Fact fans, he was actually called Jumpman back then. Back to the monkeys and a few animated ones, Abu from Aladdin, King Louis from the jungle book and Mr Teeny from The Simpsons all make the shortlist. Do you fancy choosing a movie star monkey? how about Crystal from the Hangover series or Clint Eastwood's friend Clyde?
Pick your winner and compare your results with others in the league standings.

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