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As senses go smell is pretty fantastic, the right smell can make you feel safe, can bring back a distant memory or just bring unbridled joy. In this game, we are bringing you all things smelly, in a nice way of course. We have shortlisted some of the most gorgeous smells in the world. The smells included the fresh scent of newly washed laundry, also how about the beautiful smell of fresh flowers or the unmistakable smell of the vanilla plant. Gorgeous smells seem to start from the moment we wake up, how about a fresh cup of coffee whilst cooking bacon for your freshly baked bread. Why not take a trip to find our favourite smell? I'm going to get into my new car then fill it with petrol and travel down to the sea to take in the Beautiful aromas. Now I must return home and make some dinner. But the wonderful smells don't stop there how about a roast for tea or maybe a barbecue over an open fire? I've left enough room for pudding how about some melted chocolate or a lemon? Right, time for bed I must slip out of these leather trousers. Good night!

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