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Great characters make great films. And in this game we are trying to determine who is the best of the best.  Many different genres of film make it onto this list, whether it be sci-fi, drama, comedy or gangster. The heroes and villains included share one thing in common, they are spectacularly written characters. But who will come out on top for you?

Amazingly the actor Harrison Ford features twice on this list, as the maverick pilot in the Star Wars universe Han Solo and also as the charismatic Indiana Jones who first appeared on our screens in 1981's Raiders of the lost Ark. Another character from Star Wars appears here, will Darth Vader take your vote? Super heroes and super villains have captured the imagination for decades, Batman, The Joker and Ironman all make our shortlist. Or maybe you've always dreamt of being a secret agent, and arguably the greatest of them all James Bond, 007, it's here for your vote. All that spying stuff would be far too high paced for another contender, Jeffrey Lebowski a.k.a. The Dude from the Coen brothers movie the Big Lebowski makes the list.

So he will be top of the pile? Who is the Greatest Film Character of All Time? Play Primomo and discover your favourites.

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