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Sure as eggs is eggs, we've never known what that saying means, cheese will make any meal great. We don't know what it is about the pressed curds of milk (doesn't sound so yummy now), that makes it so delicious. In fact we find it hard to trust anyone that doesn't like any kind of cheese. Our vegan friends say it is the hardest thing to give up, it's just that great!

In this list we are asking the question what is the best cheese? We have a shortlist of the most popular from around the world. Although we are fully aware that this will be a very difficult choice to make, we believe there are a couple of front runners that should appear at the top of the standings. Can you imagine a world without Mozzarella? The millions of slices pizzas that are consumed daily around the globe would look somewhat naked with our stringy friend. Roughly 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second in the USA, that's a lot of Mozzarella! The other big contender in the race to be King of the Cheeses is Cheddar. The cheese originated from the English village of Cheddar in Somerset, it is the most popular cheese in the United Kingdom with yearly sales of close to £1 billion. Other popular entries on this list include Brie, Camembert and Gorgonzola as well as cheeses you can cook with such as Halloumi and Paneer. 
Vote for your favourite & see how it stacks up against other Primomo players.

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