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We love potatoes! Potatoes are our favourite vegetable, and why do we love it so much? Because of all the amazing tasty things he can do with it. Spuds are truly great! Every day every meal should be potato time. But what's your favourite way to have your tater?
Oh let me count the ways, using all the days. Monday, lunch, baked potato with baked beans and cheese. Monday dinner, bangers and mash. Tuesday we have opted for burger and fries. Wednesday packet of crisps, (don't forget to pay our favourite crisps game). Wells with our friends we decided to go Tapas crazy on Thursday and ordered some croquettes and Patatas Bravas, thee bravest of the potatoes. Friday nice bit of salmon with new potatoes, tasty lovely supper. Saturday potato waffles they just go with anything. And Sunday lunch, the big roast with goose fat roasted potatoes, we love our roasties. You see, I told you, you can go a full week with our versatile little friend but which is your favourite way to have your potato? Vote Now.

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