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American sitcoms, or US situation comedies are successful the whole world round. In every corner of the globe, somewhere you will see a rerun of an American sitcom. But why so many exports of the shows? Because they're really good at making them.
This list incorporates some of the finest sitcom the US has offered up in the last 50 years. From I love Lucy, at one time the most watched show in the United States, through to the big bang theory, currently in its 10th season and boasting near 20 million viewers nationally, we have all the biggest shows accounted for, but which of these TV shows rates highest with you?
Many popular, award-winning shows are sitcoms, Friends, everybody loves Raymond and Seinfeld made household names of their stars. They became the highest paid TV personalities ever. Other successful sitcoms that make our list include Boston-based bar comedy Cheers and it's spin-off, Frasier. The longest running us sitcom on our list and indeed ever, is The Simpsons, but which show will you pick as your favourite US sitcom?

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